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Very happy with this - thanks!

Great to hear! Hopefully it brings much suffering to your players…


So I pre-purchased the physical. Yet I was never asked for an address. How does this work? Super excited for the print!

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I have your email address, so I'll be in touch to get shipping addresses when I get ready to ship. Sorry that wasn't more transparent. Thanks for your purchase! Updated the reward text to make things more clear.


Perfect. I knew it would work out. Just wanted to make sure. To all others, look at this prompt quality customer service!!! Throw your money at this!

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This is the sort of collection that demands to be held in print. A truly horrific masterpiece of both adventure design and evocative artwork that will have your players screaming with delight...or at least screaming. 

The Shattered Tunnels is my personal favorite; a standout adventure with haunting enemies, NPCs, and locations. Also, I'm incredibly jealous of the comic book style panels. I can't wait to see what's next in store for this series of misadventures!